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Public Safety Platform

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Why Ambee?


  • One suite of apps
  • Workflow connecting all stakeholders
  • Dispatch Centres, First Responders, Callers


  • Cloud hosted
  • Leverage economies of scale
  • Lower infrastructure costs
  • High availability


  • Scale as needed
  • Pay for usage

Platform Components & Capabilities


for Command Centres/PSAPs

  • Browser Based
  • Multiple Agencies (Police/Medical/Fire)
  • Call Taking with ALI
  • Integrated GPS/GIS with AVL
  • Real-time Tracking & Dispatch
  • Multimedia communication / coordination with field (Chat, Video, Images)
  • Records Management
  • Availability/Off duty visibility
  • Shifts Management
  • Consumables & Inventory Management
  • Rich data analytics & insights
  • Integrated MDM
  • API Integrations (CCTV feeds etc)
  • Admin access for customised setup
  • Offline workflow redundancy
  • Multi-language Support

Crew App

for MDT (Mobile Display Terminal)

  • Any smartphone or LTE device
  • Dispatch Job Handling
  • Event Logging
  • Navigation with real time traffic
  • Electronic Field Records
  • Multimedia communication / coordination (PTT, Chat, Video, Images)
  • Biometric Attendance, Availability/Off duty
  • Consumables & Inventory logging

User Interface

for Users/Customers

  • SMS Notifications to users
  • Live Tracking
  • Real time response / communication

Product Options

  • Comprehensive Solution
    • Single workflow
    • Multiple Agencies
    • On Cloud
    • On Premise
  • Complete operational control
    • Attendance Monitoring
    • Leave Management
    • Shift Management
    • Off-Road Request
  • Any team, any size, any flavor
    • Public safety agencies
    • Hospitals
    • Communities
    • Security teams
Pricing based on modules, implementation (cloud/on-premise), customisation & billing cycle

Features CAD CAD+f PS-OS
Call Taking with ALI
Integrated with dialler infrastructure, handle caller location
Integrated GPS & GIS with AVL
Location information from GPS feeds, integrated GIS
Manual Dispatch Records
Create dispatch records, manually update
Multi-agency Support
Single platform to handle Medical, Police, Fire, Security, Patrol etc
Reports & Dashboards
Calls, Dispatches, Exceptions Reports by Geographies, Date ranges etc
API Integrations
APIs to easily integrate CCTV streams, Databases and Feeds
Admin Capabilities for Setup Customisation
Self manage geographies, teams, customise dropdowns
Android, iOS Crew Apps for Mobile Display Terminals (MDTs)
Compatible with most consumer and rugged mobile devices
Dispatches Handling for Response Teams
Receive dispatch information on mobile apps, respond & record
Navigation & Real-time Traffic Information
View incident locations, real-time traffic and turn-by-turn navigation
Response Event Logs
Record events, stages and actions taken during response
Real-time Status, Automated Dispatch
Dispatch nearest response teams automatically, track statuses
Electronic Report Filing
Patient Care Records, Action Taken Reports etc
Offline Workflow Redundancy
Continuity for critical workflow steps when data connectivity drops
Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Centrally control and manage mobile device terminals (MDTs) settings, access
Multi-Media Communications
Chat, Images, Videos, SMS between reponse team(s) & Dispatch Centres
Biometric Crew Attendance, Leaves and Shifts Management
Manage remote response teams and crew members
Real-time alerts and exceptions
Custom exceptions on actions, geofencing, time delays etc
Offroad/Offline Requests & Management
Response teams can request and receive approvals for going offroad/offline
Consumables Inventory Management
Capture materials/consumables usage, automatic refill triggers and reorder quantities
Multi-language Support
Support multiple languages on Dispatch Centre & Crew Applications
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