A cab arrives in less than 5 minutes, an ambulance takes over 40 minutes!
We are here to change that.
Ambee is an online network of high-quality hospital and private ambulances.
Request an Ambulance
We help you find the nearest ambulance that meets your need.

We will check all operators in the city to find the best for your needs.

Only in Hyderabad, for now

Ambulance Rentals

Companies & Gated Communities

Rent dedicated ambulances or have a network ambulance stationed nearby. Organise first-aid training sessions.

Outdoor Events & Conferences

Dedicated ambulances for the duration of large events such as music concerts, games, exhibitions, film shootings etc.


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Technology for Ambulances

Mobile and location based technology to track and manage ambulances.
Use our technology and become part of a growing network of ambulances.


Track & Manage Ambulances

Mobile based, with event logs
SMS Notifications

Serve Patient Transportation Needs

Integrate with apps and websites
Be discoverable online

Easy to Use

Quick setup, Intuitive interface
Easy to adopt

Data & Analytics

Realtime and automated
Rich reports and insights